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Baby Give Back – 2017 Wrap

What a year! 2017 has been massive for Baby Give Back. We are incredibly proud and happy to share with you some of our milestones.

The families we help are suffering from disadvantage for a number of reasons ranging from domestic violence, severe financial hardship, homelessness, natural disaster or illness. It is estimated that 1 in 6 children on the Gold Coast are living in poverty. This is a heartbreaking statistic.

A baby cannot choose the circumstances into which it is born. We believe that every baby deserves an equal start. They deserve a safe place to sleep, safe transport and beautiful clothing. This is the driver behind everything that we do.

The Numbers!
During 2017, we have helped over 300 babies (this is a conservative estimate!), working with 20 different social service agencies.

With generous donations of new and second-hand goods, we’ve been able to provide:

  • 51 cots and bassinets to provide a safe place to sleep;
  • 52 car seats and prams to ensure safe and comfortable travel; and
  • over 100 other major items, including baby carriers, baths, change tables, high chairs, rockers and safety gates;

all of which we considered as basics when we had our babies.

We have also provided 345 bags of baby clothing, from premmie to size 2, including an estimated 19,000 items of clothing in beautiful condition, packaged by gender, size and season with help from our amazing volunteers.

We have distributed:

  • over 20,000 nappies;
  • 216 tins of formula;
  • 35 linen bags;
  • 60 toy bags; and
  • nearly 1,400 other baby necessities including baby food, bottles, breast and maternity pads, breast pumps, toiletries and wipes; all of which are critical to the health and hygiene of both mother and baby.

A beautiful mum we helped

We got to meet the beautiful Egunie and Aziza. Egunie is a refugee from Botswana and she moved into accommodation with assistance from InSync Youth Services (part of Anglicare) only three days before giving birth to her daughter Aziza. Egunie had nothing at all for her baby. Baby Give Back were able to provide everything she needed for Aziza, including a new cot (because we could not source a safe second hand one) and car restraint for her to bring Aziza home from hospital and a pram so she can walk to the local library.

Egunie was immensely grateful to us. Meeting her and hearing her story is one of the highlights of the year for me. Egunie told me that the items we gave made a huge difference for her as a new mum and she felt like we thought of her when we were packaging the items. She said, “It felt like receiving a birthday present“.

The Mums behind Baby Give Back

I cannot deny that this year has been really tough on us. We love what we do and the impact we have made and continue to make for babies and families less fortunate than us. However, we have sacrificed our homes, garages, family time, stress levels, social lives and sleep!

For me personally, there have definitely been challenging moments when I have questioned whether I can keep going. What always gets me through is seeing the passion and dedication in my fellow directors and knowing the difference we are making in the lives of others. Every single time we give out a donation or receive feedback from a caseworker about a family we’ve helped, we get goosebumps and there are often tears. I can tell you with my hand on my heart that it is worth it. Our children will be better people in this world by growing up around Baby Give Back. We are teaching kindness in a tangible way and giving back to our community where it is needed more than we could have imagined.

We juggle our families, our paid jobs and our children who are still very young. We are so grateful for our incredibly supportive husbands and families – without you we couldn’t do this! This is also why our volunteers are so important to us and the understanding of our donors. We are looking forward to building our volunteer numbers in 2018 and working with more of you.

Warehouse Update

I am really excited to announce that 2018 will be the year that we secure a warehouse. Our fundraising efforts have gotten us close and we are confident that after a successful High Tea event in February, we should be in a position to start finding a home for Baby Give Back!

Securing a warehouse space will enable us to help many more families than we can from our garages. Sorting, packaging and safety-checking donated items requires a lot of space and is very labour intensive. With a warehouse, we will not lose all the time we currently do with set up and pack up of working bees and we will have volunteers working much more regularly with us.

We are so grateful to each and every one of you who have contributed to our rent appeal and supported the events we held this year. Thank you!

Save the Date!

Please mark your diaries for Sunday 25 February. Our High Tea was such a wonderful day in 2017. To raise the rest of the money required to secure a warehouse, we really need this event to be a sell out! Tickets available here.

Thank you!

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our wonderful volunteers, the collection points, businesses who sponsored us or provided raffle prizes, every person who has donated money or baby items to us. Without your incredible support, we could not have achieved the impact we have.

With love,
Carly & the BGB Team xx


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