Baby Give Back launches Flood Appeal

It was a difficult sight to see as the nation watched on as images and footage of flood waters sweeping through regions across South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales were shared across the media.  At the time none of us could have imagined that the damage caused by the unprecedented rainfall would be so extensive and so devastating to so many communities. 

With Baby Give Back already heavily involved in supporting the communities that were affected by the floods, we were aware that these regions were already struggling with accessing resources and services prior to the floods which made the situation even more dire. 

"We have been on the phones all morning talking to emergency service agencies, local governments, and other disaster relief services to start coordinating support for the thousands of children and families who have been impacted by these devastating floods."  Said CEO, Carly Fradgley. "We are working hard to get emergency relief for those impacted by these unprecedented floods and aware that the devastation this weather has brought will have a lasting impact on the community which will see the need for our service skyrocket."

Over a three day period from the 26th of February, Brisbane recorded 80% of it's annual rainfall breaking the previous record of the 1974 floods. The township of Lismore experienced it's highest water levels since 1954 as the Wilson River peaked at 14.4 metres submerging much of the town and surrounding region. 

With so many families losing most, if not all, of their belongings and household contents the need for essential items is only going to continue to rise even as the water recedes. 

To help with this enormous demand of support, in addition to servicing our core support services through community organisations and case workers, we are extending our services directly to the families themselves through providing an online form that residents in the flood-affected areas can reach out to us with their urgent requests for essential items for their children:

Click Here to Access Flood Support Request Form

In order to ensure that every request we receive is fulfilled, we are calling out for donations through both of our warehouses in addition to our Flood Appeal which we have launched to enable Baby Give Back to purchase specific items that are in over-demand. 

"The Flood Appeal is phase one of the support and we know ongoing support will be needed which is why we have launched our Flood Appeal. It’s a way for anyone wishing to help to donate towards providing new essential items." Said Carly. 


We have also been receiving an overwhelming amount of offers from our incredible supporters volunteering to help either in our warehouses or for the transporting of items and have set up an online community page through a Facebook group which has been a fantastic resource to help coordinate all of the resources and incredible volunteers. If you are interested in being a part of our Baby Give Back Support Squad, please click here to register your details. 

As the magnitude of the recovery efforts starts to sink in we are overwhelmed with the support we have received so far. 

"The incredible support we have received wouldn't have been possible without our supporters and partners. The donations that have come through our doors, the sharing on social media and the community spirit is unbelievable." Said Carly.  "You are having a massive impact in those who need it most right now. We are so grateful for this community."

For more updates on our Flood Relief efforts, make sure you follow us through our social media pages for all for information or you can Contact Us directly with any queries. 

Thank You.