Our Brisbane doors opened to caseworkers

It’s still early days for Baby Give Back’s expansion into Brisbane but we are excited to see the difference our presence is making for caseworkers and families in need.

Being able to service Greater Brisbane has been something we’ve always wanted to do and do well, as we know that there is a huge need for our service in Brisbane and Logan.

Our Brisbane Manager Carly Lovell, Brisbane Donation Coordinator Katie and the team of wonderful volunteers are working hard to make it easier for people to donate baby items at multiple locations across Brisbane and also for caseworkers to pick up items for families in need.

Working bees, Collection Days and pop-ups

We now have fortnightly working bees at our storage shed in Sumner Park and are looking to have weekend working bees soon. Our successful Collection Days that started last year are also continuing. Most recently we held our first pop up event for caseworkers from our small storage unit, and it was an overwhelming success with 10 caseworkers from nine different agencies being able to access the baby items they need to help the families they work with. In the past, these caseworkers have had to scour op shops, buy items themselves or have a mad community scramble within their agencies to get the items they needed.

“With Baby Give Back now in Brisbane, we can ensure these caseworkers don't have to 'beg, borrow and steal anymore'. We learned that the need for baby items is great and that the caseworkers were so grateful to Baby Give Back and our community of donors and volunteers” says Carly Lovell.

It also means Brisbane-based caseworkers don't have to travel to Burleigh and can access baby items for families much easier. In speaking to caseworkers we have worked out who is able to store items and how we can make sure they have some 'stock' ready to go if our pop-up isn't happening that week.

Now that we are moving items from our storage shed, it means we can accept more donations and will always have jobs for our volunteers to do!

Ways to get involved

We’re committed to the success of our Brisbane expansion and people in Brisbane can help by giving time, giving goods and giving money.

Giving time

We love our Brisbane volunteers and we are beginning to build a great network of volunteers who are enjoying coming along to our fortnightly Thursday working bees.

If you have time to spare and want to get involved by volunteering please email clovell@babygiveback.org. We will have weekend working bees and other volunteering opportunities throughout the year. Our Brisbane Volunteers Facebook page is another place to find volunteering info.

Giving items

People can get involved by donating their no longer needed, good quality baby items as per this list. They can email brisbane@babygiveback.org to find out their closest volunteer drop off point.

Giving money

We always need nappies, wipes and other consumables that mums and bubs go through so giving money is a really good way to help if you want to get involved but don't have time or goods to donate. Find out more here if you'd like to make a donation.

It’s a massive task to start Baby Give Back in Brisbane and it wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers and the community’s generous donations. Big thanks to everyone who has helped us so far. Keep a watch on our Brisbane page for more exciting updates and opportunities.