Baby Give Back

We provide essential baby items to families in crisis to help them give their children a safe start to life.


Phone: 0457152 963

Our warehouse is located at:

2/39 Township Dr, Burleigh

We are open:

Monday: 9am - 2pm

Wednesday: 9am - 2pm

Friday: 9am-2pm


We acknowledge the Yugambeh People, the traditional owners of the land where Baby Give Back 

operates and pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging. 

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A day in the warehouse

One of the greatest gifts of being a part of Baby Give Back is the realisation that people really are amazing. The community is generous, loving, kind and giving

This is what a typical day in our warehouse looks like.

As the roller door goes up, I look around at the mountains of donations, the piles of clothing, linen and toys and the prams stacked in the corner. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming and seem disorganised to look at but then the volunteers start rolling in. Amazing, dedicated people giving their time so freely to be part of a community giving back. The kids run excitedly to play and mums get to work, sorting clothes, cleaning toys and safety checking prams and car seats. 

A new volunteer is here to join our crew. She’s a new mum and looking to fill her spare time helping other

w mums and to also meet some like-minded people. After a quick run down about what we have planned for the day she’s partnered up with another volunteer and ready to get to work. 

Interruption 1 - 

For many people being interrupted during your work day can be frustrating and often distracting. For me the interruptions are constant and we love them. My first interruption of the day is an amazing donor who has seen our call for help on social media and purchased five brand new backpacks from Kmart for us to fill with toys. 

After a quick chat and a huge thank you it’s back to the sorting table. We have the music playing and the kids are happy (for now). 

Interruption 2 -

Before long another car arrives. This time it’s a beautiful, much needed pram being donated. The donor hasn’t been to our warehouse before so asks to have a look around. We love showing off all the amazing stuff we have on our shelves waiting to head out to their new home. She is blown away by how beautifully packed everything is and immediately asks what else we need, and after another thank you and goodbye she’s off.

Meanwhile our volunteers have managed to sort through all the clothes and toys. When I arrived this morning the ‘donation in’ piles were overflowing and now they are empty and ready for another day. 

Interruption 3- 

Just as I am tidying up, a caseworker arrives to collect an order for mum who has fled a violent situation with her babies and hugs me, tears in her eyes when she sees the beautiful donations she will be taking with her. She asks where these lovely items came from and I tell her proudly that our community is amazing, that people really care. She thanks me. What a beautiful person she is. I can see how much she cares for this family, for all her families. What a difficult job she has yet she is thanking me.

As I close the roller door, my heart is content. I have spent the day with beautiful people with kind hearts. I feel so lucky that I get to see the good in the world every day. It’s easy to focus on the bad when mainstream media fill our feeds with stories of misfortune and hate but all it takes in one day at the Baby Give Back warehouse to know that our community is strong, caring and generous. 

We love you all and wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you!