Baby Give Back

We provide essential baby items to families in crisis to help them give their children a safe start to life.


Phone: 0457152 963

Our warehouse is located at:

2/39 Township Dr, Burleigh

We are open:

Monday: 9am - 2pm

Wednesday: 9am - 2pm

Friday: 9am-2pm


We acknowledge the Yugambeh People, the traditional owners of the land where Baby Give Back 

operates and pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging. 

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  • Baby Give Back

Meet our Founder, Carly Fradgley

Behind every great charity is a passionate and selfless founder with a vision and desire to make a change. And Baby Give Back is no different - our founder is former lawyer and Gold Coast Mama of two, Carly Fradgley.

The concept for Baby Give Back was formed on an otherwise ordinary day in the Fradgley household. It was dinner time, and Carly's son was covered in spaghetti sauce; happy and content in the knowledge that he was warm, loved and safe. Behind her son's high chair, Carly could see his no longer needed baby things piled up in a corner. A thought popped into Carly's head:

'If my children can have everything that they need, why can't all babies. What if I could help those babies who don't have everything that they need.'

Carly did some research, and was stunned to learn that 1 in 6 children do not have the basic essentials that they need for a safe start to life. Out of every 6 babies born, 1 of them will not have a cot to sleep in, or a car seat to be safely transported, or enough nappies to be regularly changed.

Carly decided to donate her no longer needed baby items to those babies who needed them most. But she couldn't. There wasn't a charity on the Gold Coast where donations for babies could be made. The closest organisation accepting donations was St Kilda Mums, located in Melbourne. For South-Eastern Queensland families, there was nothing.

And so in 2016, from Carly's home, Baby Give Back was born. It started with a group of Carly's friends, a facebook page and a simple message - Baby Give Back was collecting baby items to pass onto those who needed them the most.

And the amazing Gold Coast community heard Carly's message loud and clear. The level of donations received in that first month was phenomenal. In just one month later, Carly's garage and two spare bedrooms were full. So were her friends. There were hundreds of items donated. But it was never enough, the need for those items was greater than what Carly ever anticipated...

"What I didn’t realise in the beginning was the level of need, right here in our backyard. I will never forget the first time I met Violet from Pregnancy and Family Support Gold Coast and she told me about the families affected by violence, drug addiction and sickness. Violet told me about babies without a safe place to sleep, mothers having to choose between buying nappies or formula for their baby, parents going without food so that they could feed their children. I couldn’t believe that this was the reality for so many people, right here on the Gold Coast."

Baby Give Back has grown exponentially since its inception. It exists to support families experiencing hardship, by providing them with baby essentials in partnership with support agencies. In just under three years, Baby Give Back has helped 3,101 babies.

As any mother knows, it takes a village to raise a baby. And for so many babies, Baby Give Back is that village. To learn more about how you can be a part of that village, please click here.