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We provide essential baby items to families in crisis to help them give their children a safe start to life.


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We acknowledge the Yugambeh People, the traditional owners of the land where Baby Give Back 

operates and pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging. 

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What it Means for Caseworkers to Have Easier Access to Baby Provisions

Imagine sitting across from a mum plagued with feelings of frustration. Her baby’s crying, the nappy is full but the tummy is empty, she feels there’s no hope, and you’re there passing over a basket of much-needed basics, putting your hand on hers and telling her everything is going to be alright.

Caseworkers are incredible people with a huge responsibility. They are the ones on the front lines seeing first hand the mums and dads trying to provide for their babies.

Without the help of the community, the caseworker's job becomes much harder.

As a community, we help our caseworkers by donating much needed provisions. Amber, one of the caseworkers who regularly uses our service, shares what matters most in helping provide baby provisions for families in need so their precious little ones can have a safe start in life.

10 Ways Access to Baby Provisions Assists Caseworkers in Helping Families

Increases safety

Ensures babies have access to safety checked essential items like car seats for safe travel, bassinets and cots for safe sleeping, prams that don’t have a wheel that falls off or broken harness.

For new families

Helps us to bridge the gap and build trust and relationships much faster, meaning better outcomes much faster for the children and families.

Eliminate guilt

Reduces guilt and shame for our mums and dads who are not able to provide such items for their precious babies.

Less pressure & stress

Reduces one source of many financial pressures and stress.

Free up funds for necessities

Makes room for parents to direct their money toward other important expenditures such as rent, food, school uniforms/fees.

Simple comforts

For children whose families might need to stretch out the last packet of nappies before pay day, BGB nappies and wipes mean less nappy rash and less being uncomfortable in the day to day.

Keep the dignity

For women escaping violence and needing to start again, it is a helping hand up – particularly the addition of mum’s toiletry packs.

Family play

Access to toys means stimulation, learning and perhaps increased opportunity for mum and dad to participate in play with their baby.

Basic needs

Linen means babies not sleeping on a bare mattress, blankets in winter reduce the likelihood of children being cold at night or in their prams.

Growth & learning

Books create a space for children to be read to and develop not only a deeper bond but also develop their language.

Amber says, “A donation from Baby Give Back provided to the families I work with... makes a huge and demonstrated difference in these children’s lives and in their families day to day and for this reason, I am a return customer again and again because I work directly with these vulnerable families and see what a difference it makes.”

Baby provisions for caseworkers can be the difference between helping a family in need and having to turn them down. They rely on the community’s generosity to help those who’ve been hit by tough times.