Kind support from City of Gold Coast

2020 was gearing up to be a year of amazing achievements, from helping support over 3000 vulnerable children to hosting our largest ever fundraising event, our High Tea presented by the Makeup Cartel which would see over 700 community members come together to celebrate and raise our goal of $100,000. It was going to be a year to remember. 

The introduction of Covid-19 into our community caused panic and concern, uncertainty and fear. Baby Give Back was no exception, working with authorities to ensure the safety of our supporters and volunteers was vital but working on a plan to ensure the families who needed us more than ever were provided for was our main concern. 

These families who constantly face uncertainty, anxiety and fear now were out of options. Through hard work and determination, Baby Give Back was there for these families. With a large increase in requests for support, we dedicated ourselves to providing these families with the items they needed whilst our doors were closed from donated items and volunteers. 

Since being able to slowly open our services back to normal, we have continued to receive an increase in requests for support and we wouldn’t be able to fulfill these requests without the generosity of supporters like the City of Gold Coast. 

The City of Gold Coast provided Baby Give Back with the funds through their Covid-19 hardship and recovery grants. This funding has allowed us to secure a team to help process the orders, make sure they are safe and also provide items to ensure we can welcome back our volunteers within the government regulations. 

Through the support of our village and the support of the City of Gold Coast, we achieved different goals this year but we can’t be more prouder of them.