Our Story

We believe that every baby deserves an equal start to life, a safe start. We work tirelessly to collect and safety check essential baby items for families who are referred via social service agencies. We are so committed to every baby having an equal start that we will buy essential baby items when demand is high. Right now, demand keeps growing month on month.

There is a joy that comes from picking out the perfect cot, the most comfortable pram, the perfect pair of teeny white socks. Sadly, for some new parents the reality they face is agonising over whether to buy nappies or food for their child as they simply can't afford both.

The idea for Baby Give Back was born when our founder Carly had completed her family and wished to pass on her gently-used baby goods and discovered this was not possible on the Gold Coast.

Taking inspiration from sister organisation St Kilda Mums, Baby Give Back is now in its third year of operation and has a busy warehouse at Varsity Lakes. We are incredibly proud to be associated and collaborate with 11 sister organisations across Australia who share our vision of providing for babies and children in vulnerable families.

Baby Give Back is now run by Carly as CEO with her sister Mindy as our Operations Manager. The sisters work in partnership to manage hundreds of dedicated volunteers and help hundreds of babies and children each month.