March 2021, our biggest month to date

What a month! 

March was our biggest month yet. This is a massive collective effort from our whole community. From individuals donating items and money, to our corporate supporters, from the grants we receive to our army of volunteers who will do whatever it takes to make sure we can fill each order.  

Just let those numbers sink in… 

These numbers show the huge need in our community. These numbers show just how many families are struggling. These numbers show that we show up for each and every baby, child, mum, dad and carer in our community who is doing it tough and needs a hand up. And we will continue to show up because we have a ‘whatever it takes’ culture. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that every baby has a safe start to life. We are not slowing down. We will continue to grow, to do whatever it takes each and every day to ensure that every family knows that their community has their back. 

We have seen amazing donors answering our call outs for the items we desperately need, volunteers doing extra shifts and helping each other with tasks, and our team continues to show their incredible dedication by supporting each other to cover whatever has to be done. Donors are turning up to the warehouse and dropping of their items, things that have a story and meaning to their families, but who know that these items will go on to be loved by a new family. People are spreading the word about the work we do and each time we have a Collection Day in Brisbane, we hear stories about how someone had only just heard about us, but wanted to help, so stopped and grabbed some baby essentials to drop off.  

Our community is amazing. We are surrounded by people who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure there’s always things on our shelves ready to be packed, people with big hearts who pull together out of kindness to make sure families experiencing hardship have one less thing to worry about.  

March was a busy month. The numbers show that. But there have been other things happening too. In the background, we were overwhelmed by how quickly the tickets to the Hideaway lunch sold out, we are busy planning our move into our new Brisbane home, we are gearing up for some exciting fundraising opportunities and we are constantly in awe of our volunteers – they are the heart of what we do. They are the people who show up every day, rain, hail or extreme heat, who are always smiling and who work hard to ensure that your beautiful donations are packed with love. 

When there is a need, we will always be there.